Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life is Good...........

Ok read me last post and what a pity party!  Someone should bitch slap me for being such a cry baby.  I have nothing to complain about I have a great husband and family, a good job that I enjoy most of the time, great friends and healthy kids!  So now if we could just get some sunshine!!  Cole has his last basketball game tomorrow night and then we start baseball and T-ball unless we got snowed out.  Crazy weather lately.  I celebrated St. Patty's Day having dinner and drinks with friends and we are so excited that Tony and Audrey are coming to stay with us for part of Spring Break!  And I got to see Jamie this week she was here with Jim for a few days while he had some doctors appointments.  I love seeing them!  I hope anyone who has nothing better to do than read my blah blah has a great rest of the week!!!

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